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Water-related problems create continuous challenges to our modern society. As water is a fundamental element in our planet, wide variety of diverse engineering fields often encounters water-related difficulties that need to be dealt with. Construction or rehabilitation of hydraulic structures, supply of uncontaminated water, management of irrigation systems, and reducing environmental hazards in surface and groundwater are just few examples on the complexity of these challenges.

Water Research Center (WRC) is an international center that provides multidisciplinary research in water resources and environmental engineering. The center has been established as part of the International Energy and Environment Foundation (IEEF) to run the organization activities in the water sector. Our work covers all water-related engineering issues across various fields. Civil, environmental, mechanical, and other engineering professionals all collaborate and work earnestly and creatively to find new solutions and develop new technologies.

Research areas include, but not restricted to, the following:

  • Performance and maintenance of hydraulic structures.

  • Surface water / River regime / Irrigation and drainage / Sediment transport.

  • Water-structure and Water-soil-structure interactions.

  • Pumping and power stations.

  • Coastal hydraulics.

  • Hydrology / Water resources management.

  • Water quality and pollution control.

  • Groundwater hydrology and contamination.

  • Impact on the environment and eco-system.

  • Climate change.

Our center aims to accelerate development and innovation in these aspects via world-wide collaboration with researchers, engineers and professionals. Critical thinking and multidisciplinary work are in the core of our values.



  • Research (Theoretical and applied / Multidisciplinary)

  • Publications (Books / Book series / Journal articles)

  • Workshops / Conferences

  • Educational projects / Continuous learning / Training programs

  • Consultants / Collaboration with institutions


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